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The Weaver - The Only One

RED-060 The Weaver – The Only One
Red Fever digs up a newcomer from Spain, surprising us with a unique use of muscular vocals. “The Only One” is unique and fresh uptempo hardcore with a varied build-up and a massive drive.
The Weaver uses speech samples as a foundation for his production, rather than just being used as hooks, and the result is something between track and, well, song – in the way that there is an actual lyrical content. But don’t fear, this does not do any harm to the dance floor appeal, wether you choose the slightly melancholic “Doing My Job” or “Takes him away” or the more aggressive “The Only One” or “Victory”. The Weaver knows his craft for sure!

2016-02-07 Red Fever Releases 4 Track(s) Listen

Re-upload Innovative’s mix

As mentioned before we had a technical issue with our Soundcloud.

The next re-upload is another AWESOME mix by Innovative

Check it out now!!

2016-01-24 News Track(s) Listen

Welcome to Lady Bex

We are happy to see Lady Bex joining CVM

We are very happy to announce that Lady Bex had joined CVM.
After some nice talks the last couple of weeks we think this a good decision for her and us for the further future.
Darkness will taking over with this girl behind the decks and we hope she is growing as artist and producer during her time with the whole CVM crew.

Give her a warm welcome and follow this girl on all her media!



2016-01-18 News Track(s) Listen

Happy new year

Glad you found our website and we hope you have enjoyed New Years evening.

Soon more news will follow.

2015-12-30 News Track(s) Listen

Subsonic Bass

by The Straikerz

Big up the Barcelona duo with a track in the grey area: Too fast for subground, too raw for hardstyle, to bouncy for hardcore – and too awesome to ignore. Banging at 150 bpm, driven by the commands of a vocoder voice and hyped up by euphoric breaks, the central element being of course – the bass, shaking the subs. Years ago this might have been filed under industrial jump, but this track comes totally of its time, it’s so now it almost hurts. Turn up the bass, again!

2015-12-24 Releases Secrets of Life 1 Track(s) Listen

Synthetic Warfare

by Scorpion Hoplite

Bellicose like a Spartan soldier, venomous like the sting of the scorpion, Black Fever wages synthetic warfare on your auditory systems: Rattling beats, grumbling bass, seething pitches and hostile samples are the ammo to watch out for.

Scorpion Hoplite is 1/3 of crossbreed/terrorheads trio Hard Infantry, and this debut contains three heavy bullets: Dark and hard with a nice drumstep/crossbreed flavor and a surprising cinematic backdrop in „Disgusting little Synth“, revealing the producer’s affinity with media and movies. The hoplites have earned their reputation for bravery and skill – so be it!

2015-12-17 Black Fever Releases 3 Track(s) Listen


by Hydra & Alec Vulture

2015-11-08 Audiouce Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

The Yesteryear Venture

by Carnage & Cluster

Noisj.nl flagship Carnage & Cluster provides the „Yesteryear Venture“ – a nostalgia-tinged exercise in using as little as necessary to maximum effect, or possibly the reconstruction of how darkcore would have sounded before the genre was invented.

“Altered Dimensions” is truly back to the roots, raging ultra-aggressive kicks against a wall of hiss; “MNML NDS3L” ventures into rumbling bass sounds and feels comfortable in an industrial techno set; the also cryptically titled “Noi_sj-04” picks up the aggression and adds abrasive sounds reminiscent of classic Subhead tunes; and “Prophecy” is the most outright hardcore track among the pack, ultimately driving. Totally trademark Carnage & Cluster, with a confident tongue-in-cheek attitude, follow their „Yesteryear Venture“!

2015-10-22 Black Fever Releases 3 Track(s) Listen

Taking Over

by Sick Sense

A firm 150bpm meet a vocal hook that will induce hands-up euphoria with the hardstyle crowds, proving highly expedient for DJ use.
After two releases by Nytro, Secrets Of life features this one-track guest release by young Dutch talent Sick Sense, who has had a release on Gearbox Digital before.

2015-09-30 Releases Secrets of Life 1 Track(s) Listen


by Relapse

Black Fever goes intransigently industrial hardcore with Toxic Sickness resident Relapse, presenting a combination of profanity, lethal kicks and insane amounts of distortion.
For three years, Relapse has been all over the scene, with over a dozen releases and an ever-expanding party schedule all over Europe. For Black Fever, he has produced two in-your-face tracks, with “Carwash Cunt” sporting a nice old-school flavor below the wall-of-noise, and “Massacre” coming on strong with a steamroller shuffle rhythm.

2015-09-30 Black Fever Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

Two Billion Lightyears

by Codis

It’s with the sheer force of the electro bass that Codis assails the subground scene. Two tracks with wobbling basslines, maddening breaks and melodic ear-candy, this is bound to propel the crowds into hyperspeed.
Known as gabber.fm resident Sycko, Codis looks back on years of DJ and production experience, yet this is but his debut – and a good example that it’s worth taking your time. A versatile, slick and totally contemporary jewel!

2015-09-03 Audiouce Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

Verse Jus

by #Achterderug

2015-08-28 More Beatz Releases 6 Track(s) Listen

My Fury

by Mr. Madness & System 3

Fury, war, hatred – this Slovenian and Italian tag team of Industrial Strength fame tackles the issues that darkcore should, in a production with bulging midtempo beats, tons of darkness and an industrial edge.
BFR-004 is one dangerous missile with three impeccable assembly levels: Luring old school flavor (“At war”), chunky beats and sinister vocal snippets (“Fuck this life”) and the title track, which is so totally in sync with the times it just can’t miss its target. Fear my fury!

2015-07-30 Black Fever Releases 3 Track(s) Listen

The Machine

by Nytro

Hot on the heels of SOL001, Nytro delivers another maximum effect hardstyle track in two edits.

„The Machine“ packs a firm punch and is propelled by aggressive vocals: The „Xtra Raw Mix“ emphasizes the darker aspects of sound and verges on the border of hardcore, while the „Main Mix“ showcases a melody that will shake the dance floor massive. Impeccable like a machine!

2015-07-14 Releases Secrets of Life 2 Track(s) Listen

Hola Pistola

by Alec Vulture

With Alec Vulture, a seasoned DJ enters the stage of production and delivers an infectious two-tracker with a unique Iberian flair.

Evolving around bouncing beats and timely breaks, “Hola Pistola” utilizes subtle buildups and slightly acidic sounds – as well as Spanish vocal samples and flamenco sounds, thus creating a perfect summery anthem. “Antichrist” then focuses on the electronic aspects and appears a tad stricter – but no less prompting. If someone points a pistol at you, will you stand still?

2015-07-09 Audiouce Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

Me Against the System

by Anxiety

Anxiety reinvents himself with system-challenging 4-tracker oscillating between 140 and 165 bpm, between industrial influences and pure darkcore.

After two releases on Red Fever (and a longer break since), Anxiety defects to the black side of life. While the opener „Kimitrish“ is a considerably slower, very raw and minimal track that will find its way into industrial-styled sets, the rest is full-on darkcore, charged with dark melodic fragments, on-spot vocal samples and rabble-rousing buildups. Time to feel the anxiety!

2015-06-26 Black Fever Releases 4 Track(s) Listen

Go Bezerk

by Sonic Sabotage

Veteran hardcore producer T-Junction joins the subground craze as Sonic Sabotage and teaches us a lesson about the expert use of irresistible, timeless dance floor ingredients – and makes you go bezerk!

With both tracks at the desired 135bpm mark, “Go Bezerk” displays the openness of the Audiouce label perfectly: While the title track brings in an entrancing dreaminess and relaxed atmosphere in which one will surely enjoy to go bezerk to the slightly electro style beats, “The Devil Inside” feels like it wants to push itself into hardcore territory, with the kicks leaving nothing but scorched earth. A style produced with great expertise and variation, nothing can beat that!

2015-06-06 Audiouce Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

Operation Hell

by Mindshade

Mindshade aka Proto X pursues the Black Fever label after the spectacular Underdoggz kickoff, and he proves the disease won’t be cured easily, with fast and hard kicks and sounds and an authentic, abrasive darkcore sound that will appeal to many a punter nevertheless!

2015-06-02 Black Fever Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

The Big Blow

by Underdoggz

Introducing the Black Fever label, evil twin to the well established Red Fever, purveyor of many a dance floor favorite, this will be about the dark side of hardcore, the true darkcore. The „Underdoggz“ are actually two regulars to the underground, Carnage and Deester. „Hit ‘n Run (Love ‘n Respect For Promo)“ – the dedication somewhat gives away the sound that crashes in on you, 150bpm kicks and highpitched madness. „The Big Blow“ is even faster, yet with more intermissions and unsettling vocal samples. Clearly: That baby is launched proper!

2015-05-05 Black Fever Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

The God In Me

by Nytro

Jumpstarting the new outlet for hardstyle-oriented tracks, this is the debut of this new project by DJ Cremator (of Thunderdome fame). With two tracks around the 150bpm mark and a commanding b-boy-attitude this is sure to set the main floors on fire!

2015-05-04 Releases Secrets of Life 2 Track(s) Listen

The Noise of Thunder

by Down By Force

Jumpstarting the new Audiouce label, Down By Force is one half of the Basic Grooves DJ team, with two tracks in a distinct subground style. [For those not in the know, this release serves as an encyclopedia example for the genre, with bouncing 135 bpm rhythms and more aggression than melody.] The hook in each track is provided by a versatile use of samples. The B-side “Slam Down” then variegates the classic call for punani with a strong electro flavor.
The Noise Of Thunder might prove the up-and-coming sound, so you better listen!

2015-04-30 Audiouce Releases 2 Track(s) Listen

Encounter Fracus

by Versatile

Fracus is urban lingo for rowdy noisemaking: Hailing from the UK, Versatile delivers two tongue-in-cheek terrorcore tracks, bulked by b-boying, accelerating broken drum rolls and (really) atmospheric layers. Nevertheless, it’s the corrupting, filthy thumps, attacking at 200bpm that leave the lasting impression – and the soothing piano hooks in „We Can Even Battle“. As versatile as you can be at this speed!

2015-04-09 Releases Speed of Sound 2 Track(s) Listen


by Darkinox

After a crispy IDM debut as Silent Humanity, this gifted Spanish newcomer launches his terror project „Darkinox“. The debut EP is not only titled, but really comes on strong like a bulldozer: The bracket is formed of the title track and „Electrika“, no-fuss straight-to-the-point terror tracks with a simple commanding sample and effective breaks, all you need to get the dozing going. The EP’s centerpiece „Universe“ though adds a downbeat intro, abstract use of the amen break and some chamber music interludes for diversion. Avoiding all cliché, this is a fresh addition to the scene!

2015-03-19 Releases Speed of Sound 3 Track(s) Listen

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