A guy was born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, spinning already for more then a decade.
He started Producing in 2014 and sent some tracks to several labels. He got noticed by Cemon Victa for Red Fever Recordings to release several tracks on his label. From here he released a 5 tracker as first release, with tracks as: Despair, Chaotic and Clockerz. The track Despair was the crowds favorite and played by artists such as: F.Noize, Destructive Tendencies, Aggressive and many more.

The track Chaotic says just a bit of Demolior:
Don’t be to proud to work for a living. What did you say? Working for a living? What’s it fucking done for me?!?!?

That was the first EP and more would come, so in July 2015 he brought his 2nd EP with several various tracks on that aswell.

The track Bullshit says the following:
Right now our only advantage is they don’t know who we are. Who the fuck is this guy? A huge pain in the ass is what he is… Hold it, that guy is bullshit!

Even a remix has been made by a fellow producer with Red Fever Recordings (Project4Life) and that went as a bomb!

In the hardcore style he is a producer in many styles: Industrial, Darkcore, Mainstream, Uptempo and even Terror! In every track he stands out with his own signature style.
He will bring some ‘uptempo’ in 2016 alone and together with several other big artists! No names are given yet, but make sure to keep an eye out for this DJ/Producer!!

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