Innovative is an industrial hardcore duo (Frank W. & Bas T.) from Holland. As the name suggests, these guys produce whatever they like as long as it’s not been done before. All Innovative’s tracks have industrial hardcore roots, but are influenced by D&B, techno and other rhythmic electronics.

Innovative started as a live act project early 2008 at parties like P.O.R.N., Audio Active and Hardcore Invasion. The positive feedback at those parties made them decide to start producing full-length tracks.
In the 2nd half of 2010 they had finished a 5-track demo cd, which they considered a true representation of their own sound and diverseness. In their minds and hearts Innovative had already determined the perfect fit for their music, which was why they initially only sent the demo to one record label. Within less than 2 weeks they received an email back from Lenny Dee that he loved the tracks, which was the prelude to their solo debut release “Confess The Truth” on Industrial Strength Records in February 2011. Since then they’ve released numerous EPs on ISR of which their personal highlights were the Innovative Collabs EP for which they teamed up with some of their favorite artists like Mindustries, Dep Affect and no one less than the ISR legend himself Lenny Dee. Also their banging remix of the hit track Fuck The System by Satronica & Unexist still does really well on any dance floor.

Meanwhile Innovative has been performing on stage at well-known events like Nightmare Outdoor, Harmony of Hardcore Festival, Audio Active and N.O.R.A.D. Their DJ sets are typically an awesome combination of old and new industrial hardcore. More recently they also get bookings for their “Innovative’s crossbreed with an early touch mixes”, in which they in an innovative way mix up their love for crossbreed and hardcore from back in the old days.

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