Sound Abuse

Sound Abuse is a project from two brothers with an interest in the Hardcore scene. One of their first productions was a noisy hardcore track called ‘Sound Abuse’… Although this track was never released they really liked this name so they kept it for all their next work.
In 2003 the first three official Sound Abuse tracks where released on the CD ‘Hellraiser – Protect your soul’. This launched their career and was the first of many other CD compilations. In 2010 their solo EP ‘Serious Issues’ was released on DNA Records. In this period they also remixed tracks from artists like Zanthrax & Negative A.
They then joined a new label: ‘Dark. Descent.’ This meant they could experiment more and develop a more diverse style. It resulted in two new EP’s, ‘Inner strength’ and ‘A Decade’ are releases not to be missed.
The duo performed on several highly respected international underground parties. Their DJ sets are well known for their dark and industrial sounds.

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